Hennessey Performance “Venom F5”

Precision is vital when showcasing fury on the road. Seriously, the Hennessey Venom F5’s engine, nicknamed “Fury” delivers 1817 horsepower. This demanded meticulous planning ahead for a suitable tribute to this hypercar’s capabilities.

From day one, time and resources were met with efficiency and ingenuity. We were able to capture all relevant 3D data on-site, which laid the foundation for a seamlessly integrated VFX post-production workflow. In turn, we were quite proud to showcase our teamwork with Hennessey and showcase this professional speed demon in the wild.

Services: CGI, Compositing, Finishing, Color


  • Director:  Robert Angelo
  • Editor:  Robert Angelo
  • Production Company:  The Mighty Motor
  • Executive Producer:  Aaron McKenzie
  • Producer:  Aaron McKenzie
  • VFX Supervisor:  Travis Button
  • VFX Post-Production Company:  Hyphenate
  • VFX Producer:  Albert Mason
  • Compositing Lead:  Travis Button
  • 3D Lead:  Kristopher Cabrera
  • 3D Artists:  Kristopher Cabrera, Travis Button
  • Lighting / Rendering:  Kristopher Cabrera, Travis Button
  • 3D Tracking / Matchmoving:  Brian Morse