Under Armour “Phantom 2”

Life moves fast. Our trajectories may lead us into the most unthinkable dreams, or into the future. Put your shoes on and step into the newest cutting edge technology for your feet with these HOVR Phantom 2’s that track your movement better than any GPS and feed you real-time coaching strategies.

We put a lot of emphasis on making this shoe come to life with no foot insight through the establishing shot. Frame after frame, we continued this rhythm and matched the energy of this unbelievable shoe. Fall into the beat and live for the run.

Services: CGI, Compositing


  • Director:  Marcel Ziul
  • Editor:  Volkert Besseling
  • Production Company:  STATE Design
  • Creative Director:  Marcel Ziul
  • Executive Producer:  Alex dos Santos
  • Producer:  Krissy Estrada
  • VFX Supervisor:  Travis Button
  • VFX Post-Production Company:  Hyphenate
  • VFX Producer:  Krissy Estrada
  • Compositing Lead:  Travis Button
  • Compositors:  Travis Button
  • 3D Lead:  Travis Button
  • 3D Artists:  Travis Button, Carlos Diego
  • 3D Modeling:  Travis Button
  • 3D Rigging / Animation:  Carlos Diego, Travis Button
  • FX Animation:  Carlos Diego
  • Lighting / Rendering:  Travis Button
  • 2D Design / Animation:  STATE Design