Ted Mann “A Short Documentary”

This short documentary honors pioneer Tedd Mann––a hard-working, brilliant entrepreneur and movie theater legend–– and how he began his journey. His vision for movie theaters as places to experience and create lasting memories, along with a commitment to take the chain across the country, cemented his theaters in filmmaking history. We integrated animation, CGI, and matchmoving, to highlight critical moments along the journey and the myriad of ways this leader paved his own way and impacted the way we watch movies forever. Flying in from the title sequence, we are welcomed by an image of the Tedd Mann Chinese Theater on a bustling evening.  This was created by adding multiple layered components to an actual photograph. Though a static, almost vintage shot, it is accompanied by bursts of light and motion, creating an animated, lively feel. The aesthetics depicted stir up a sense of time travel, as each element contains an antique quality different from the last. Each frame propels you further in the timeline of his life, and provides a lasting impression that teaches everyone to listen to their hearts and follow their dreams in life.

Client: TED MANN
Services: VFX Supervision, Animation, CGI, Compositing


  • Director: Ben Conrad
  • Editor: Volkert Besseling
  • Producer: Rolandos Liatsos
  • Production Company: GenPop
  • VFX Supervisor: Travis Button


  • VFX Post-Production Company: Hyphenate
  • VFX Producer: Corey Cano
  • Compositing Lead: Travis Button
  • Compositors: Scott Crawford, Travis Button
  • 3D Tracking: Brian Morse
  • 2D Design / Animation: Jonathan Nee
  • Color: Duran Castro