Red Bull TV “Breaking The Day” VR

Thrill-seeking careers are one of the most exciting ways to make a living, professionals are taking life-risking moves to capture the moment it culminates from suspense –– to full blast adrenaline. And we were right next to them trying to capture that moment! In this campaign, we were tasked by Red Bull TV to create an engaging narrative to accompany a new series they were filming called “Breaking The Day,” featuring 6 completely unique individuals from around the globe who have thrill-seeking careers. The kick? It’s all Cinematic VR content. This means a 360 approach and a full bird’s eye view as to what these badass professionals are up to on the daily.

Our focus for this particular spot was a nomadic adventure photographer, Krystle Wright, who is usually accustomed to heading into the unknown. Only this time, her latest ambition to capture a rock climber on the famous Tasmanian spire, nicknamed the Totem Pole, while suspended above the ocean, has never been done before.

We find ourselves directly above her and see this real cliff-hanging story. Immerse yourself with a compelling cinematic experience full of suspense and watch.

Services: Direction, Design, Animation, Compositing, Finishing


  • Director:  Travis Button
  • Editor:  Travis Button
  • Agency:  Red Bull TV
  • Production Company:  Karga 7 Pictures
  • Executive Producer:  Brett Boydstun
  • Producer:  Joseph Robbins
  • VFX Supervisor:  Travis Button
  • VFX Post-Production Company:  Hyphenate
  • VFX Producer:  Albert Mason
  • VR Compositing Lead:  Travis Button
  • 3D Tracking / Matchmoving:  Travis Button
  • 2D Design / Animation:  Travis Button