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Rituals live in our hearts and minds. Trips to the theater entail popcorn, trailers, and a crisp-cool (and often loud) visceral experience with each passing sequence. Dolby has shaped the way we hear movies and how we experience them. A certain Pavlov’s bell signals it is time to have fun when certain movie jingles come on. Intro-bumpers pull you in closer to experiencing something vicariously through characters portrayed on-screen as it’s time to start the show. Sit back, relax, and take it all in.

Services: VFX Supervision, Animation, CGI, Color


  • Director: Ben Conrad
  • Agency: Dolby Labs
  • Production Company: GenPop
  • Producer: Rolandos Liatsos
  • VFX Supervisor: Travis Button
  • Post-Production Company: Hyphenate
  • Post-Production Producer: Corey Cano
  • Post-Production Coordinator: Gabrielle Garcia
  • Compositing Lead: Travis Button
  • 3D Lead: Travis Button
  • 3D Artists: Travis Button, Carlos Diego
  • Lighting / Rendering: Travis Button
  • Color: Duran Castro