Mark Charles “Blood”

Mark Charles is he, as you are he, as you are we—and we are all together, at least that’s the case in this touching music video titled “Blood Will Always Be”. The hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic shifted many perspectives on life, loss, and connection. During a time where individuals were most isolated, many of us doom-scrolled into oblivion and longed for human intimacy. The challenge in this video was to present the ways tech-innovation brings us together in new ways. We were able to blur the line between reality and illusion with our simple solution: framework. By requesting our “audience” to shoot themselves “watching” the performance, we were able to create solid reference points for every other character shot, no matter how intimate. This allowed us to not only visualize ourselves as the viewer, but view Mark Charles’ video through their eyes as well. This play on perspectives produced a curious exploration of how we’re all just creatures looking for comfort at the end of the day.

Services: Compositing, Finishing


  • Director:  Jared Varava
  • DP:  Jared Varava
  • Editor:  Jared Varava
  • Production Company:  TAR+FEATHER
  • VFX Supervisor:  Travis Button
  • VFX Post-Production Company:  Hyphenate
  • VFX Producer:  Brian Robinson
  • Compositing Lead:  Travis Button
  • Compositors:  Travis Button
  • Color:  Robert Crosby @ Neptune Post