AT&T “Worth The Wait”

AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign fights back against distracted driving and proves to be a compelling message.  By being innovative with our representation of time and perspective, we were able to emphasize our juxtaposition of both light and dark emotions.

We open with a heartwarming moment in every parent’s life caught on camera. A baby’s first steps. It’s sent from one phone to another. A father races home to see it in person. Instantaneous change and a cracked screen move the shot forward with an impactful message. This commercial leaves a lasting and hard-hitting impression with audiences.

Client: AT&T
Services: CGI, Compositing, Finishing


  • Director:  Cat Solen
  • Agency: Omelet LA
  • Producer:  Lindsay Colley
  • Production Company: Artery Industries
  • Executive Producer:  Clint Cowen
  • VFX Supervisor:  Travis Button
  • VFX Post-Production Company:  Hyphenate
  • VFX Producer:  Albert Mason
  • Compositing Lead:  Travis Button
  • Compositors:  Travis Button