Linking the artistic with the technical. And delivering on execution.

Located in the world's creative epicenter, Hyphenate is a post-production studio with a heartbeat of devoted craftsmanship and diligent collaboration. Combining decades of industry know-how with tried-and-true approaches, the vision is to produce stellar, bleeding edge solutions that unite consistently with the clientele's imagination.

Driven by detail and obsessive expectation, Hyphenate bridges all aspects of post production, from visual effects to color correction and editorial, under one streamlined roof with an eye on optimization and reliability.


Hyphenate is an accredited member of AICP, operating with the highest level of integrity and upholding all best practices across every aspect of our business and industry. Artist first.


Travis Button

Principal Visual Effects Director
(785) 305 1974

Douglas Riggs

Executive Producer
(650) 773 1708


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